Thinking of a Tattoo? The Design You Choose is Essential But... Chances of Finding "FREE Tattoo Designs" of Any Clarity or Quality Are Dim if Not Completely Hopeless. So I Decided to Bite the Bullet For YOU...

"Announcing The Top Rated Tattoo Design Sites On The Planet. Perfect For High Quality, Print Ready, Instantly Downloadable Tattoo Designs..."

The Top Rated Tattoo Sites Reviewed

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"Save Your Money - Buy the Top Rated Tattoo Designs

Only Once."

I searched for "FREE Tattoo Designs" every day for a 2 weeks straight on Google. Trying to find the baddest assed tattoos on the planet. I had to have searched over 1000 web pages. What A Waste Of Time. Searching for "Free Tattoo Designs" is totally hopeless. I found a whopping two free designs that I liked after 30 days of searching.

I figured I'd have better luck at the tattoo shop, so off I went looking for the perfect design. My buddy Ryan is the tattoo artist there. I sat down and went through every one of his books, roughly 1,500 tattoos. Not ONE suited me. I was getting frustrated.

After a few weeks of despair and no luck, I totally changed my mindset. I decided to buy into every damned tattoo site on the net. If that's what I had to do to find the perfect design, then I'd do it. I paid not once, not twice, not even three times...but paid FOUR TIMES to Find the Most Outstanding Tattoo Design Sites on the Web. It cost me a total amount of $121.42. So Now I Have Reviewed The Top Four Tattoo Design Sites for YOU! Here's a Quick Rundown.

Tattoo Quick Review (complete reviews just below):

Since I Wanted the Perfect Tattoo, I Reasoned, Paying for Four Different Tattoo Websites at a Total Cost of $121.42 was Insignificant. After All, Tattoo's are Permanent Statements of Life.

To my relief, the $121.42 tattoo design search worked! My endless research for the perfect tattoo finally paid off. I found the perfect design at Tattoo Me Now. It was great to get the ink done. It made it seem like my headaches and time spent had paid off.

Here they are Ranked, from Best to Worst. I mean seriously, whats $27 bucks for the sickest tattoo's online, offline or anywhere on the planet? It sure beats getting nickel and dimed $6 to $12 for one single design, why not pay twenty bucks once and get every design imaginable. Your local tattoo shop carries one to two thousand tats max. Your private collection is going to be bigger than their's! You don't want to walk into the studio empty handed.

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The #1 Rated Tattoo Design Sites Found on the

World Wide Web.

A Complete Review [Ranked #1-4]

#1 Tattoo Me Now

Tattoo Me Now

60 Day Better Than Risk Free Guarantee
One Year Membership - $27.00
Lifetime Membership - $37.00

  • 3523 High Quality Designs Ready for Printing. The designs are pretty sick.
  • $105.97 in Bonus Books & Informational Products
  • Studio Directory. Reviews of the Best Tattoo Studio's Worldwide. Over 10,000 Reviewed.
  • The Members Gallery. Upload and share tattoo photo's with fellow members.
  • The Discussion Forum. Get Your Questions answered! From Beginner to Veteran a like, it's always important to have a direct source for your questions regarding permenant tattoos.
  • Video Vault. Tonz of extra Tattoo Footage. Some really informative video and funny vids.
  • Great Money Back Guarantee.
  • It's a Membership Site, There's a lot of extra benefits to being a member of Best All Around Tattoo Site Online.
  • Compared to the other sites I reviewed, 3523 Designs is kind of slim even though its a lot.
  • If you're just looking for tattoo designs & that's all you want. You may be better off buying one of the sites below that offers a greater range of tattoo's to choose from.

Tattoo Me Now took the top spot for one reason. It was the most complete site. And I'm a sucker for a membership site. The Free E-books answered all my questions and concerns about tattoo's. Then it gave me high quality, unique designs ready to print and take to my tattoo artist. It even reviews the best ink studio's around. The members forum pretty great there as well. If you're looking for the complete membership experience, the Best All Around Tattoo Site on the Internet, is Tattoo Me Now.

#2 Tattoo Fever - Over 14,000 Designs

Tattoo Fever

60 Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee
Total Price - $19.99

  • Over 14,700 High Quality Tattoo Designs Ready to Print. Much bigger selection than Tattoo Me Now.
  • A Total Package Value of $215.88 Including Various E-Books and other Informational Products
  • Lowest Priced Website at just $19.95.
  • If you're looking to Save and still get a Great Value.
  • Not a lot of cons, It pretty much just isn't a membership site. Which means it doesn't have all the bells and whistles #1 has.
  • Some Tattoo's on the site are pretty corny. Ahh, what can you expect, there's over 14,000.

Tattoo Fever was a close second. It was the cheapest of all the sites. Offering a ton of great original designs. However the sites shortcoming was not being a membership site. Their was no forum to ask questions, no studio artist reviews, no membership gallery to show off your tattoo's to other members. However if you're looking for over 14,000 tattoo designs at a rock bottom price, then this is the site for you. It's ideal for tattoo enthusiast looking to save and still get a great value.

#3 Worlds Largest Tattoo Collection, Over 30,000 Designs.

Largest Tattoo Collection

Has No Money Back Guarantee
Total Price - $29.99

  • Boasts Worlds Largest Tattoo Collection, Over 30,000. The Company has asked Guiness Book of Records to confirm this.
  • The Widest Range of Designs Available, including Koi Fish, Crosses, Tribals, Asian, Animals, Chinese Writing, etc. etc. etc.
  • Tribal Tattoo Designer Software. Free Software in which you can design your own tribal tattoo!
  • Award Winning Tattoo Designs.
  • Free Bonus Products (E-books Got Ink, Getting Inked, Tattoos Unlimited, Tattoo Selection and Care Guide).
  • Probably the best designs of All 4 websites.
  • Geared a little more towards tattoo artists as opposed to someone who just wants to get a tattoo.
  • Annoying Music when you open the page.
  • AHH! No Money Back Guarantee on this site!
  • Kinda hard to find exactly what you want, it's so big. The least organized.

The Worlds Largest Tattoo Selection is a Pretty Damn Good Package. Its got everything, free e-books, original designs, and the best selection of all. If you're a tattoo artist, a real tattoo enthusiast, or if you want to see every design possibly available, then this is your site. With a Money Back Guarantee and little bit more attention to detail, this could have been #1.

#4 Chopper Tattoo

Chopper Tats

Has No Money Back Guarantee
Total Price - $34.44 for Lifetime Access or $24.99 for 60 Day Access

  • Free Music Downloads with Membership, Even though it's Gimicky.
  • Free Inked Magazine with Membership
  • Solid Tattoo Selection. Original and Unique Designs.
  • Laid Out Quite Nicely.
  • A Little Pricey for the Product.
  • Nothing Really Popped Out at Me.
  • Has No Money Back Guarantee.

Chopper Tattoo is Really a Solid Site. I might be biased because it's actually the 4th review I did. I was growing a little weary of looking for tattoo's (Understandble, right?) However it closely competes with the others. It just didn't have the right feel for me.


Of course, finding the perfect tattoo can be a difficult and frustrating process. It can be very inconvient. I really hope you'll be able to find the tattoo design that's your perfect fit. Speaking frankly, $20 to $35 bucks for thousands of professional tattoos, is nothing. If you're serious about getting a tattoo, you need an amazing design. It's not something to skimp on. After all, tattoo's are permanent statements of life. You Deserve the Best Available.

Thank You For Reading My Review!

P.S. - Don't forget, your friends are about to love you even more because you'll be hooking them up with their perfect tattoo.

P.S.S - Congrats, you're about to have several thousand more designs than your local tattoo studio.



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