"B. Chaffin"
Custom Ink for Your Skin

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B. Chaffin has been sketching for years. He began creating some of the worlds greatest tattoo's several years ago. His artwork is second to none. I'll let his designs speak for themselves. They are coming soon!

We sell B. Chaffin's artwork in two seperate ways.

1) Custom ink, you give him the idea for the tattoo you want. You collaborate togethor to make the most outstanding tattoo you can imagine.

Custom Artwork Cost - $250.00

2) B. Chaffin also draws custom designs and has chosen to limit how many designs he will sell. When he draws a new design, he will sell only 50 of the chosen design.

Original Designs - $100

To Recieve Updates when B. Chaffin releases new artwork and to recieve 3 special edition instantly printable tattoo's, fill out the form below.